Plague Doctor Masks

Plague Doctor Masks

A Plague Doctor mask is a striking and eerie choice for a Halloween costume. These masks have a historical and macabre appeal, making them a perfect fit for the spooky atmosphere of Halloween.
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17 products


17 products

Striking Plague Doctor Masks

Discover our collection of unique plague doctor masks, featuring a range of styles from steampunk to Venetian influences. These iconic masks with prominent beaks evoke an air of mystery.

Historically-Inspired Designs

Plague doctor masks take their cues from 17th century medical practitioners trying to treat outbreaks of the bubonic plague in Europe. The striking beak mask was filled with herbs thought to prevent airborne diseases.

Plague Masks for Masquerade Balls

With their ornate and opulent designs, our Venetian plague doctor masks are ideal for masquerade balls and other costumed affairs. Pair with a sweeping black cloak for a show stopping look.

Artisan Handcrafted Leather Masks

Our leather plague doctor masks are intricately crafted by artisans using traditional techniques. Each vegan leather mask is unique and ages beautifully over time.

Statement Steampunk Accessories

Steampunk aficionados will love our riveted plague doctor gas masks featuring aviator lenses and faux breathing filters for a dystopian look. Strut your stuff at the next steampunk convention or festival!

Over 31,000 Rave Reviews!

A wonderful good quality gift for my daughter. It came in time and was packaged well. She has worn it multiple times now with no issues. Great response when I told the company it arrived on time. Will do business again.

Darci Witucke

WOW this mask is SO COOL. it shipped the day after I placed the order despite being custom, which was awesome. I assume I'm lucky and they had my color choices made already though! It fits good. The beak came a little bent, but that can be fixed no problem. I love it.


This came out waaaay above my expectations. I'm so excited to give this as a birthday gift.


Wonderful! Came super fast and fits my face! Can't wait to wear for this year's ren faire!


Customer service answered all the questions I had about the mask and custom filigree color options promptly and professionally. Shipping was timely. The quality was as good or better than expected for the price and my daughter was thrilled with the filigree design and color.


I was worried it wouldn’t arrive since the tracking never updated but have faith! Got the item perfectly packaged in good condition and it is exactly what I ordered. Thank you so much!


Arrived in time for renfaire and was a very cool piece! Breathable and I can still wear my glasses with it on!


Absolutely gorgeous and so excited to wear it as a plague nurse and this is the pink and rose gold


I bought this for my son to go with the mask and hat I bought for him a few months previous. All the pieces are beautifully made and fit perfectly. Definitely buying more!


Very well made, adjustable strap is nice. Overall aesthetic is amazing. Perfect addition to my daughter's plague doctor costume!


Mask turned out great! Seller accommodated my needs for the entire mask to have Filigree.


Seller is very prompt at addressing questions and the quality of the mask is top notch. I bought this as part of my Halloween costume and won scariest costume at a costume contest!


The mask was remarkable well made, stitched throughout, sturdy workmanship and surprising craftsmanship for a less expensive mask. This was a purchase for a child’s costume but would accommodate ANY adult with the well made adjustable straps. There was no evidence of glue or skimping on workmanship. The material was man-made but it was convincingly leather as a mask. the touches of “swirl” pattern around the lower edges of the mask softened the look of the mask perfectly for the look my Dr. Plague was going for. I’d give this merchant a high 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆. Of course, with any mask vision is a bit awkward but maybe we could have adjusted a little better before leaving the house. 🤷🏼‍♀️ The straps allowed it so it was probably poor planning by mama.


Amazing mask for halloween, cant wait to go


This mask arrived just as pictured, and beautiful! It took some adjusting to be able to see out of well and it got stuffy in there, but it’s exactly what I needed.


Bought this for my daughter. Boy did she love it. When we opened it and saw just how beautiful it was, we were so happy that we chose it. Thank you so much.


It’s perfect! Well crafted, and the filigree is a really nice touch. It arrived quickly as well.


Frequently Asked Questions


Plague mask and its unique style and story is embraced at steampunk festivals, or costume parties where its historical references are appreciated. The ideal place to wear a plague mask would be for Halloween or a themed event that celebrates steampunk culture or historical reenactments. Be mindful of appropriateness and cultural sensitivity when wearing plague masks, as they have historical associations with the Bubonic plague/pandemics and medical crises.


A plague doctor was a historical medical practitioner who treated patients during the latter part of the Bubonic plague outbreak. Their attire and use of the iconic plague doctor mask was a common sight during the 17th and 18th centuries, as they attempted to treat and contain the spread of the plague across Europe.