Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras, a festive celebration, is characterized by its rich symbolism and colorful traditions. It's a time of joyous parades, lively music, and exuberant street parties in New Orleans, LA.

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17 products


17 products


17 products

Mardi Gras Masks for Every Celebration

Discover our festive selection of handcrafted Mardi Gras masks for your next celebration. From Venetian-inspired designs to jester and couples masks, we have something for every party.

Couple's Mardi Gras Masks

One of the hallmarks of Mardi Gras is the use of bold and symbolic colors—purple, green, and gold. These hues hold significant meanings: purple represents justice, green signifies faith, and gold embodies power. You'll find these colors prominently featured in all our Mardi Gras masks capturing the essence of this festive celebration.

Masks in Vibrant Mardi Gras Colors

Our masks come in the traditional Mardi Gras hues of purple, green and gold. These rich colors symbolize justice, faith and power. Mix and match masks for a bold statement.

Masquerade Ball Masks

Dress to impress at your next masquerade ball with our ornate couples masks and half masks with ribbons. Channel mystery and intrigue with a glamorous jester or Venetian mask covered in sequins, feathers and jewels.

Quick Party Favors and Decorations

Jazz up your Mardi Gras celebration with our colorful masks. String up your masquerade mask as decorations or hand them out as fun party favors. We offer festive masks for adults and kids.

Shop By Theme

On our store, you can get your mardi gras mask in various assortments:

  • Venetian Masks with Elegant Designs
  • Jester Masks in Playful Colors
  • Couples Masks for Coordinated Fun
  • Mardi Gras Masks with Purple, Green and Gold

Over 31,000 Rave Reviews!

Wow!!! Beautiful! I am so amazed, thankful and happy. Thank you so much for getting these here in time for prom. By far the best communication, customer service and smoothest transaction ever. Thank you!!


Me & My Guy masquerade dance.


The masks were perfect and the quality was great! We received many complements!! We will keep the masks for many years as they are an investment and can be pulled out years in advance- that’s how good the quality was!!


Beautiful mask that was comfortable all night! The colors were perfect and I could still see through it so my peripheral vision was barely hindered. It was packed carefully and perfectly! I think I had the prettiest mask of all!


The mask arrived very quickly. The color is perfect for what I was looking for. It's very sturdy too. I bent it a bit to help it fit my face better, but it was hard to do because of the strength of the metal. It looks great though. It helped me win a costume contest.


The mask is so pretty, I got so many compliments at my party from it. It just elevates any look you already have. I ordered it on short notice and they worked with me everyday on shipping questions and ensured my mask got to me on time. It actually came early. Thank y’all so much for everything!


This mask is absolutely stunning! I have a small face and requested a smaller sized mask. It fits perfectly! So excited for it to compliment my masquerade costume. Came quickly and it s beautifully made.


My husband and I wore these for our school’s gala fundraiser with a masquerade theme. They were not only beautiful but lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

Jennifer Madden

Got a ton of compliments - Thank you!


Customer service answered all the questions I had about the mask and custom filigree color options promptly and professionally. Shipping was timely. The quality was as good or better than expected for the price and my daughter was thrilled with the filigree design and color.


I heavily modified the mask to make it less bohemian and more dark with faux black leather cord and it worked great! My only problem is the comfort of the mask on your head could be a lot better as the hard plastic digs into your forehead and temples and could use more padding added.


My mask was absolutely perfect! I had a tight turnaround time, but the shop was super responsive and accommodating and the mask arrived with plenty of time to spare. I sent photos of my dress and they made me a mask that coordinated beautifully. I even came in second in the best dressed contest! Thank you so much!

Cristina Fernandez

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Mardi Gras mask symbolize?

A Mardi Gras mask symbolizes the spirit of anonymity and celebration that defines the carnival. Wearing masks allows participants to break free from societal and class constraints, facilitating uninhibited participation in the festivities. Traditionally, masks are also a nod to the roots of Mardi Gras, which include medieval European rituals where masks were worn during the pre-Lenten celebrations.