Men's Jester Masks

Men's Jester Masks

Jester masks also known as "Arlecchino" masks are iconic and whimsical inspired by the traditional jesters and comic characters of the Venetian Carnival.

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12 products


12 products

Venetian Jester Masks for Men

Jester masks are characterized by their bold, vibrant and contrasting colors, often featuring a checkered or diamond pattern designs for striking visual effect, and are typically associated with humor, mischief, and theatrical performances.

Bells are a common feature on Jester masks and they jingle as the wearer moves, adding an auditory element to the mask's charm. Jester Venetian masks today remain a symbol of joy, humor, and theatricality. They are worn not only during the Venetian Carnival but also at various costume parties, masquerade balls, and theatrical productions, where they continue to evoke the spirit of jesters and entertainers from centuries past.

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These masks are beautiful!! Wonderful customer service and quick shipping!! They were a hit at our masquerade party!


A wonderful good quality gift for my daughter. It came in time and was packaged well. She has worn it multiple times now with no issues. Great response when I told the company it arrived on time. Will do business again.

Darci Witucke

I ordered a custom feather mantle and it came about perfect! Thank you so much for the finishing touch on my ritual garb 💜


GORGEOUS! I wore it to a ball hosted by our campus' Queer and Trans Student Union and I could not count the number of compliments I got on the headpiece. It was blindingly stunning and I am so happy I decided to purchase it, it was definitely worth it and I WILL be finding more excuses to wear it!


I love them so much. They're just like in the picture, tho in the picture I'm posting it looks orange and gold I swear it's rosy gold. They came in wonderful condition and I'm very satisfied. It also arrived right on time. Thank you 💓


This was honestly better than expected. Beautiful texture and sheen, and perfect shape. And it shipped out very quickly!! I created something pretty cool from this hat for my boyfriend for Christmas, and I think he's going to love it! Thank you :) 🙏


Amazing! I was worried I wouldn't get this in time for my bday party and messaged the seller. They were nice enough to get the product out the same day I ordered it to try to get it to me on time. I got it on time and it was beautiful! Super lightweight and fit my face perfectly!


I'm in love with it, its phenomenal. Only down side is its gonna be a pain keeping this attached to my head while out at a festival or show, not much head space in the hat, bandana kinda helps but it tends to fall forward onto your face...


The mask was perfect for my masquerade costume ! It was sturdy and beautiful ❤️. It did not look cheap like many other masquerade masks I have seen. Definitely highly recommend. I was nervous because it said girls mask in the description, but it fit my woman face 👌.


I had a great conversation with the seller which meant I got exactly what I wanted! It arrived quickly and looks even better than I’d hoped. I have a really neat skirt that I’m waiting on to arrive that I think this will be perfect with.


I loved this mask, the quality was great and it fit my face snug! The gems are very pretty and I added blue crystals to match my dress. Shipping was very fast and the customer service is amazingly helpful!


quality is great and the design is very graceful! additional props to the seller for sending another order free of charge and still managing to get it to me right on time after my first order got lost in the mail! shows how customer oriented they are :) thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Jester Mask and how is it related to Commedia dell'arte?

The history of Jester Venetian masks is closely tied to the rich tradition of the Venetian Carnival and the Commedia dell'arte, a popular form of Italian theater that emerged in the 16th century.

The Commedia dell'arte was a form of improvisational theater characterized by masked performers who portrayed stock characters with distinct personalities. One of these characters was Arlecchino, a mischievous and acrobatic servant known for his colorful costume and cunning tricks. Arlecchino's mask and costume later influenced the design of Jester masks.

When did Jester masks become popular?

The Venetian Carnival, which dates back to the 12th century, provided a festive backdrop for the emergence of Jester masks. During the carnival season, which typically lasted from December 26th to Shrove Tuesday, people from all walks of life would don masks and costumes to engage in revelry, disguise their identities, and indulge in various forms of entertainment.