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Masquerade Masks

Feel the excitement, mystery and romance of a masquerade mask! Welcome to the tradition of Masquerade Balls, steeped in rich history and origin. At Masquerade Store, you can explore our take on elegant modern trends and timeless classics. #MasksAndMystery

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Bought this mask for my son’s girlfriend for their prom which had a theme of masquerade ball. It arrived on time and looked amazing! Highly recommend!!


The masks were just as pictured and arrived in a timely manner! Super gorgeous! 😍


Great mask was perfect for masquerade prom!!


Got a ton of compliments - Thank you!


Lanai sent me several photos while creating the masks to ensure I was happy with the feather colors. She sent the masks so quickly and I received them within a few days of purchasing. Best of all, they are gorgeous!


Absolutely in love with my mask and my husband looked amazing in his too. I highly recommend this product and would buy again. This was the best photo I got from the event but it was stunning. If you are looking for a mask make sure to purchase from this company.


The matching father/daughter masks were perfection! They both said they were so comfortable and the details were gorgeous. Seller had great communication and matched it perfectly to my daughter’s dress. Fast shipment too. Highly recommend! They were a hit at their masquerade ball. Thank you!


Loved the quality of this lace mask! Since it's not metal, like most laser cut masks seem to be, it felt very comfortable on my face! Thanks again...I got lots of compliments on it at our charity masquerade ball :)


Everything about this shop is 10/10. The quality is beautiful and sturdy, the communication was detailed and personable, and it got here exactly when I needed it - and last minute rush too. This is my second piece from here, and I can't wait for my next one. Each one has been custom, and the suggestions and help getting it put together was great. Trust the talent! You won't regret it.


This mask was perfect for a ball that was masquerade-themed. I had seen one of these masks that was similar in a Chinese drama and immediately thought of this one as what I wanted to wear. I received compliments all night ❤️


I can’t say more about how beautiful this mask is and also how they went out of their way to quickly make my order and ship it to me so I received it in time for my event. I couldn’t recommend them any higher! A++++ on every level!!


The Mask is really lovely. I asked quick shipping and it arrived on time. The ribbons were not tied and I think its because they wanted to ship out asap. The company sent me a personalized video showing how to secure the ribbon tied to the mask and it all turned out ok.


Beautiful product down to the smallest detail and actually comfortable. Appreciate that the seller asked during ordering when item was needed by and shipped ours very quickly so my daughter had it well ahead of her masquerade themed dance. Thank you!


This mask is absolutely stunning! I have a small face and requested a smaller sized mask. It fits perfectly! So excited for it to compliment my masquerade costume. Came quickly and it s beautifully made.


I loved this quick addition to complete my costume. Gorgeous and well made. I thought it was even more beautiful in person than in the picture.I wish I could wear it again! Maybe to the grocery store today? ;)


I am thrilled with my purchase and entire experience! I ordered a butterfly fascinator for my 15 yr old nieces birthday tea party, and they designed a custom order for me. She asked to see my outfit, how I was wearing my hair, what colors and shape I wanted it to be. Then she created a fascinator even more beautiful than I had imagined. Beautiful, high quality products, with a creative flair. Thank you so much for everything


Matched my daughter’s dress colors to the paint color and shipped fast!


They turned out better than we imagined and were so helpful working with me to get exactly how my daughters wanted. Definitely would recommend this shop ♥️

Krista Mae

This mask is so beautiful! The artist was so easy to work with and worked on it until it matched the vision I had! I got SO many compliments on this and it's now on display at home to show it off!


The mask was EVERYTHING!


Unique Masquerade Masks for Every Occasion

Obsessed with feathers, rhinestones, and paints, we spend countless hours experimenting with different mediums to create new designs and improve traditional styles.

Founded in 2014, and with our collective industry experience, the team at Masquerade Store are here to help you find the right mask.

What’s more, we have expanded the brand to include Accessories that match our mask designs, fascinators, costume apparel, Cosplay headdresses, and bridal headwear. 

We aim to help you bring your masquerade mask visions to life and express yourself through your mask!

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  • These masks are fantastic and comfortable to wear, but most of all the customer service this shop provides is outstanding! They are readily available to ensure your purchase is exactly the way you want it. Thanks so much for a great experience :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do masquerade ball masks symbolize?

Masquerade ball masks symbolize mystery, intrigue, and anonymity. Concealing one's identity behind a mask allows people to take on different personas and characteristics at a masquerade event.

What is the purpose of the masques at the masquerade?

The purpose of wearing masks at a masquerade ball is to hide one's identity and social status, allowing people to mingle and interact without preconceptions. It creates a sense of mystery and excitement. The masquerade mask is key to setting the tone and atmosphere of the event.

What kind of costumes and outfits do you wear with a masquerade mask?

Costumes worn to a masquerade ball are typically elegant and ornate to match the lavish nature of a masquerade. Common options include ball gowns, suits, cocktail dresses, and costumes that complement the style of mask - such as an eye mask matched with historic-inspired gowns and capes. Extravagant accessories like feathers, capes, hats, gloves, and jewelry take the outfit to the next level.

What does a black masquerade mask symbolize?

A black masquerade mask symbolizes elegance, mystery, and sophistication. 

The color black evokes a sense of drama and intrigue when used in a masquerade mask. It is considered more formal and elegant than brightly colored masks.

Black masks allow the wearer to channel their inner mysterious persona. The concealment of one's face behind a dark, obscure mask provides anonymity and secrecy to one's identity.

In masquerade balls and Venetian carnivals, a black mask historically signaled someone had a higher social status or wealth. Black velvet and lace masks were expensive materials, only affordable to nobility and upper classes.

Today, black remains a popular choice for formal masquerade events. Both men and women select black masks in materials ranging from lace to satin when they want to coordinate with sophisticated attire for an evening affair or gala. It suggests the wearer has an elevated, elite presence in the room during the masquerade celebration.

How were the traditional Venetian masks made?

Traditional Venetian masks were carefully handcrafted, taking hours, sometimes days, to reach the desired perfection. Artisans would first mold the mask in clay, and after hardening, they would cover it in a special type of paper and glue mix. As the layers built up, the mask became harder and stronger. Once dried thoroughly, the delicate process of decoration began.

They would often brush the base coat, commonly white or black, onto the mask. Then, intricate details would be added using silver leaf, gold leaf, or other metallic details. Complementing costumes and wigs were often designed to match the mask. Beautiful feathers, vibrant gemstones, and intricate lace details often completed the decor for the ultimate theatrical effect.