Gold Masquerade Masks

Gold Masquerade Masks

Gold mask for masquerade ball is our most popular color! You will find both rustic and vibrant shades of Gold and Brass in our collection that complement both dark and light tone outfits.
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29 products


29 products


29 products

Make a Dazzling Entrance with Gold Masks

Discover our collection of magnificent real gold and metallic masquerade masks for men and women . Featuring elegant laser cut designs, these lightweight gold party masks add luxury to any attire from suits to gowns.

Explore our grand collection of shiny gold masquerade masks for couples and singles. 

From metallic gold venetian masks to solid brass and silver adorned styles, embrace luxury with handcrafted masks perfect for masquerade balls, Mardi Gras, or carnival celebrations.

Golden Accents for Stunning Style

Elevate your outfit with the allure of gold Venetian-inspired masks accented with ribbon and gems. Our gold Mardi Gras masks help you celebrate in dazzling style. Or choose sleek solid brass finishes for a handsome sophisticated look.

Artisan Craftsmanship Meets Decadence

Lavishly made by skilled artisans, our women's and men's gold party masks capture refined extravagance with indulgent materials like velvet, satin ribbons, genuine leather and dazzling Austrian crystals. Make an unforgettable entrance at your next formal event or costume party.

Masquerade Masks Bathed in Golden Allure

Slip behind the mystery of a gilded masquerade mask adorned with glistening gold or silver star and floral accents. Or choose an elegant solid brass finish shining with a subtly striking matte glow. Our Venetian-inspired gold mask designs nod to their origins while offering modern luxury.

Luxurious Metallic Masquerade Masks

Make a gracefully glamorous statement with any of our exclusive golden masquerade styles for him & her. We offer a spectrum of shades from gentle champagne gold with floral metalwork to vivid 24K gold masks perfect for standing out at your next soiree.

Luxurious Gold Masks for Men

Our collection features sophisticated gold masquerade masks specially designed for men. From subtle brass masks to vivid metallic styles, we offer sleek, well-crafted masks in masculine hues of gold, perfect for complementing any dashing gentleman's attire.

Elegant Gold Masks for Women

Ladies, make a stunning statement with our exclusive selection of women's gold masquerade masks. Featuring delicate laser cut designs accented with gems and feathers, our glamorous gold masks lend feminine flair whether you pair them with an evening gown or flashy cocktail dress.

Gold Masquerade Masks for Couples

Buy a gold masquerade mask from our online collection of masks for couples and glam-up your party looks!

Over 31,000 Rave Reviews!

Matched my daughter’s dress colors to the paint color and shipped fast!


This mask is absolutely stunning! I have a small face and requested a smaller sized mask. It fits perfectly! So excited for it to compliment my masquerade costume. Came quickly and it s beautifully made.


This mask made my daughter's bat costume!! She loves it and the quality and turn around were exceptional! Thank you!


Great masks! Got a lot of compliments on the gold one. Both comfortable, light weight, stayed on easily. The metal on the gold one caught my hair a little on the sides but a down-do or short hair would not have the same minor issue.


Amazing quality and amazing mask!

Steven B.

This mask arrived just as pictured, and beautiful! It took some adjusting to be able to see out of well and it got stuffy in there, but it’s exactly what I needed.


I bought the natural bone coloured deer with red feathers. I asked for an alteration by adding a black line through (like it is as advertised with white) and was not disappointed! It's so pretty and matches my outfit perfectly!


I'm beyond happy with this purchase! The mask is incredibly beautiful and the seller messaged me immediately to make sure everything was in order for me to get it on time. I could not recommend this shop more.


Love it!! Looked perfect with my outfit! Adding the rhinestones means adding more throughout the lace (I didn’t know this when choosing that option) and I’m so glad I got it with the stones. Beautiful and high quality product


Color: Gold Metallic



I loved this quick addition to complete my costume. Gorgeous and well made. I thought it was even more beautiful in person than in the picture.I wish I could wear it again! Maybe to the grocery store today? ;)


This beautiful mask was a hit at the Masquerade murder mystery dinner party! Everyone loved it! Thank you so much for making this a hit especially for someone that wears glasses! I’ll be ordering again.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a gold masquerade mask mean?

A gold masquerade mask signifies luxury, wealth, and extravagance. The gold color gives off an air of opulence and exclusivity. Gold masks are often worn as a symbol of prosperity and to make a statement at lavish costume balls or upscale parties.

Why would someone wear a masquerade mask?

People wear masquerade masks for several reasons:

  • To embrace mystery and anonymity
  • As an elegant accessory for formal events
  • For lavish celebrations like Mardi Gras or Venetian Carnival
  • To take on a different persona
  • To coordinate with a glamorous costume

Wearing a mask allows the opportunity to hide one's identity and be someone else for a night. Gold masks in particular evoke luxury.

What does a gold mask do to your face?

A gold mask draws attention to and brightens your facial features. The shiny metallic color reflects light, illuminating your face. Gold masks tend to glamorize your look, adding a touch of extravagance and mystique. They create striking facial contours when designed with laser cutouts.

What do masquerade masks symbolize?

Masquerade masks symbolize mystery, anonymity, creativity, and transformation. Their history traces back to lavish masked balls in Venice where attendees could hide their identities and social statuses. Today they continue to represent imagination and whimsy at costume events and parties through their colorful, flashy designs.