Masquerade Masks for men

Men's Masquerade Masks

Stunning masquerade masks for men will turn heads at any Venetian ball or masquerade party. Available in a wide choice of themes and colors, you will find fashionable, sophisticated, and stylish collection of men's masquerade masks at our shop!
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127 products


127 products


127 products

Mens Masquerade Masks

Our masculine mask designs feature full face or face face measure featuring sculptural elements such as raised contours, intricate patterns, or decorative motifs, all inspired by various themes, from historical designs to fantasy or cultural influences. You will find these designs in a wide range of colors, including classic black, white, silver, gold, and Rose Gold reflecting your own unique style or complementing your outfit.

Exceptional Masquerade Masks for Men

Your choices matter, and your mask can say a lot about your style. At Masquerade Store, we offer a wide array of masquerade masks for men that are as bold or as minimal as you like. Whether you're attending a masquerade ball, throwing a themed party, or adding to your costume collection, we have the mask to complete your look.

Find masks dominated by blacks, golds, or intricate Venetian designs, guaranteed to add a dash of sophistication to any outfit. Our mens masks can also be combined with a matching female mask for elegant masquerade couples.

Made for the modern man, our collection promises quality, comfort, and individuality without compromising on style.

Browse through our collection now and get ready to be the life of the masquerade! Prices and more product details are readily available for viewing. The perfect mask that resonates with your persona is just a click away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can men wear masquerade masks?

Yes, absolutely! Masquerade masks for men are a current and popular option. There is a recommended range of mens masquerade masks available in the market, offering a variety of styles to suit different preferences. Men can choose from a range of masks, including Venetian masks, to enhance their masquerade attire.

What do you wear with a masquerade mask?

When it comes to masquerade attire, men can pair their masquerade masks with a variety of options. Masquerade masks for men go well with traditional masquerade clothing, including black and gold costumes. The recommended range includes black and gold as popular color options for mens masquerade masks, as they provide a classic and elegant look. Additionally, couples can explore options for coordinating masquerade masks to create a stylish ensemble.

How do masquerade masks stay on?

Masquerade masks typically stay on using a variety of mechanisms. The mask may have an elastic band that goes around the head to secure it in place. Some masks feature ribbons that can be tied around the head for a secure fit. The fitting of a masquerade mask is crucial for comfort and stability during wear. It's recommended to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit to prevent the mask from slipping during a masquerade event.

How should a masquerade mask fit?

A well-fitted masquerade mask is essential for both comfort and appearance. The mask should fit securely on the face without being too tight or too loose. It should cover the eyes and nose properly, and the wearer should be able to breathe comfortably. It's advisable to choose a masquerade mask that provides a good balance between a secure fit and comfort to ensure an enjoyable experience during a masquerade ball or party.

Customer Reviews

Loved our masks! Even though they didn’t have the matching women’s mask, they suggested a beautiful replacement. We loved them for our masquerade and they were surprisingly comfortable! The quality is incredible. I would definitely order from the seller again.

Kinzey Freels

Everyone who sees this hat loves it! I am a new drag king and you have just leveled me up. Thank you!!

Shandra Mcclanahan

My husband and I wore these for our school’s gala fundraiser with a masquerade theme. They were not only beautiful but lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

Jennifer Madden

My mask was absolutely perfect! I had a tight turnaround time, but the shop was super responsive and accommodating and the mask arrived with plenty of time to spare. I sent photos of my dress and they made me a mask that coordinated beautifully. I even came in second in the best dressed contest! Thank you so much!

Cristina Fernandez

My mask was so much more beautiful than I ever imagined it would be. I only wish I had more masquerade galas to attend! I received several compliments on it. It was comfortable to wear all evening. The seller provided very quick turnaround, and I was so pleased to receive it a day before I expected it to arrive. It’s so pretty that I’m going to find somewhere in my home to use it as decor now that my event is over. Thank you so much!


Amazing to work with. I sent a picture and they matched my daughters dress. Love it! Fast shipping! Great communication!

Katie H.