Butterfly Flower Crown

Butterfly Flower Crown

Butterfly flower crowns are one of the most popular types of headpieces that come adorned with decorative butterflies and flowers! Our collection is perfect for children, Brides, Costume and Cosplay Enthusiasts and nature lovers.


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19 products


19 products


19 products

Butterfly Crowns

We specialize in the most exquisitely whimsical collection of Butterfly Crowns and headpieces made with our own exclusive butterflies patterns. In addition, we also boast an extensive selection of headdresses in popular themes such as Virgin Mary Halo, Flower Crowns, Medusa, Witches and Mermaids! We take custom orders, get in touch! Flower Crowns. Trending with themed garden parties, wedding celebrations romantic and bohemian bridal look, particularly for outdoor or rustic weddings. Festival-Goers of music festivals, Renaissance fairs, and other outdoor events also love to don butterfly flower crowns as part of their festival attire.

Sunburst Halo crowns

Most popular among Models, photographers, and stylists who use crowns as props in photo shoots, fashion editorials, or themed photography sessions to create visually captivating images.

Mermaid Crowns

These are decorative headpieces or accessories inspired by the mythical and enchanting creatures known as mermaids. These crowns typically incorporate elements reminiscent of the sea, ocean, and mermaid aesthetics.

Medusa Costume Headpiece

Inspired by Gorgon from Greek mythology known for her serpent-covered hair and the ability to turn people to stone with her gaze. The crown is designed to mimic the appearance of Medusa's serpentine hair and can be a striking addition to a Medusa costume.

Over 31,000 Rave Reviews!

I ordered a custom feather mantle and it came about perfect! Thank you so much for the finishing touch on my ritual garb 💜


I used this mask as a base to paint and add other decorations on top of it, and it worked perfectly! I decided to get rid of the ribbon tie-on for elastic measured to my head for a sturdier hold. It's a gorgeous base mask!


I had to re-glue the center piece on (do to shipping I’m sure). It was no problem and stayed put the entire night. Good quality and heavy mask. I loved it! The male mask was just as sturdy and fit my husband perfectly. These are great couples masks!


Our daughter LOVED the mask and it fit her so well!! It was not only beautiful, but comfortable as well!


Everyone who sees this hat loves it! I am a new drag king and you have just leveled me up. Thank you!!

Shandra Mcclanahan

Mask was perfect for a fun themed birthday party. Matched beautifully with my husband’s. Seller reached out with a question to make sure I got exactly what I needed. Would definitely purchase from this seller again.


This mask is absolutely stunning! I have a small face and requested a smaller sized mask. It fits perfectly! So excited for it to compliment my masquerade costume. Came quickly and it s beautifully made.


This came out waaaay above my expectations. I'm so excited to give this as a birthday gift.


Absolutely gorgeous butterfly witch’s hat. I bought it partly for a costume and partly because I saw it and fell in love with the idea. I requested to receive it by a certain date, and it arrived almost a week early! Truly above and beyond. I will definitely be ordering more.


Wonderful! Came super fast and fits my face! Can't wait to wear for this year's ren faire!


This is the most perfect mask for me!!! This matches my wedding dress beautifully and I am so ecstatic at how well it’s made and how quickly it was shipped to me. Thank you so much for putting one more piece of the puzzle together for my wedding!!!


What beautiful butterflies! I ordered 3 bright pink medium sized butterflies. Customer service was awesome and quick to answer my questions. The butterflies were packaged really well and carefully in a box. I'm going to use the butterflies to attach to the bag handles for Easter gifts this year.