Dia De Muertos Masks

Dia De Muertos Masks

Catrina sugar skull masks for couples for your Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations. These masks pay homage to the deceased while celebrating life, and they often feature vibrant and intricate designs.

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7 products


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Dia de Muertos Masks - Day of the Dead Masquerades

Discover our collection of colorful skull masks celebrating Día de Muertos party. From Catrina couples costumes to delicate floral designs, find Mexican sugar skull masks for your next fiesta. These masquerade masks are not only beautiful but a meaningful addition to Day of the Dead celebrations or costume events!

Intricate & Symbolic Sugar Skull Masks

Sugar skull masks pay tribute to deceased loved ones. Many feature ornate decorations like marigolds, hearts, spiders, butterflies and more. Each element holds symbolic meaning.

Colorful Sugar Skull Masks for Día de Muertos

Our collection of Day of the Dead masks features vibrant sugar skulls and Catrina costumes perfect for celebrations. Find decorative pieces for parties and giftable favors.

Ornate & Symbolic Sugar Skull Masks

Intricately decorated sugar skull face masks pay tribute to the dead. Designs feature symbolic elements like marigolds, spiders, butterflies and more with meaningful representations.

Elegant Catrina & Catrin Couples Costume Masks

Dress up together as the iconic Día de Muertos skeleton duo La Catrina and El Catrin. With her extravagant hat and floral details and his dapper suit, these couples' costume masks are sure to impress!

Decorations for Day of the Dead Parties

Bring color and whimsy to your next celebration by incorporating our masks into the décor. Hang vibrant sugar skull masks around your home, use them as table centerpieces or scatter them across dessert tables.

Over 31,000 Rave Reviews!

This is the most perfect mask for me!!! This matches my wedding dress beautifully and I am so ecstatic at how well it’s made and how quickly it was shipped to me. Thank you so much for putting one more piece of the puzzle together for my wedding!!!


Great customer service, when my first headband didn’t arrive as expected another one was shipped right away. The 2nd one arrived and matched the listing expectation and more💗 I would definitely purchase from this vendor again!


The mask itself is beautiful. It came fast and was wrapped very well so it wouldn’t break


I was worried it wouldn’t arrive since the tracking never updated but have faith! Got the item perfectly packaged in good condition and it is exactly what I ordered. Thank you so much!


This beautiful mask was a hit at the Masquerade murder mystery dinner party! Everyone loved it! Thank you so much for making this a hit especially for someone that wears glasses! I’ll be ordering again.


The mask was perfect for my masquerade costume ! It was sturdy and beautiful ❤️. It did not look cheap like many other masquerade masks I have seen. Definitely highly recommend. I was nervous because it said girls mask in the description, but it fit my woman face 👌.


Loved the mask. My princess absolutely enjoyed it. Went perfect with the theme and outfit


The mask was remarkable well made, stitched throughout, sturdy workmanship and surprising craftsmanship for a less expensive mask. This was a purchase for a child’s costume but would accommodate ANY adult with the well made adjustable straps. There was no evidence of glue or skimping on workmanship. The material was man-made but it was convincingly leather as a mask. the touches of “swirl” pattern around the lower edges of the mask softened the look of the mask perfectly for the look my Dr. Plague was going for. I’d give this merchant a high 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆. Of course, with any mask vision is a bit awkward but maybe we could have adjusted a little better before leaving the house. 🤷🏼‍♀️ The straps allowed it so it was probably poor planning by mama.


Great mask was perfect for masquerade prom!!


These half skulls were perfect! Excellent quality, well made, well packaged and great communication from the seller. They really completed mine and my husbands Day of the Dead Costumes perfectly. Will certainly buy more of these for making more mask variation in the future.


Our daughter LOVED the mask and it fit her so well!! It was not only beautiful, but comfortable as well!


Wonderfully made, was perfect for what I needed these masks for!! I got so many compliments on the details and the craftsmanship, colors and details!! 5 stars for sure!!Arrived in time, packed very well and I kept them in the box until we needed them for a themed party.

Betsy G

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Day of the Dead masks called?

Day of the Dead masks are commonly referred to as calavera masks or sugar skull masks. Calavera translates to "skull" in Spanish. They are also sometimes called Catrina masks after the iconic skeleton figure La Catrina.

Can you wear a mask for Day of the Dead?

Yes, it is very common to wear masks for Día de Muertos celebrations and parades. Intricate and colorful sugar skull masks are worn to honor deceased loved ones. Masks with La Catrina's face are also popular. Wearing face paint styled into a skull is another way to observe the tradition.

What does the Mexican death mask mean?

Sugar skull masks and calavera imagery hold deep symbolism in Mexican culture. They signify that death is a part of life, not the end. Decorative elements also carry meaning - flowers represent life, spiders symbolize the weaver girl's creation of life, owls indicate transition. So these masks celebrate both death and life.