Halloween Masks

Halloween Masks

Welcome to our spooky season Halloween masks collection! We've scoured the realms of the eerie, mythical and the mystical to bring you a curated selection of masks that are perfect for the spookiest night of the year.

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14 products


14 products


14 products

Plague Masks

Channel the haunting mystique of history with our hand crafted plague masks. These masks, inspired by the iconic beak-shaped designs worn by physicians during the Black Plague. Slip into one of these masks and let the shadows of the past add an eerie touch to your Halloween ensemble.

Animal Masks

Embrace your wild side with our animal masks. Whether you're looking to become a majestic lion, a sexy Bunny, or a mythical creature, our animal masks bring the spirit of the animal kingdom to life. Perfect for those who want to blur the line between human and creature this Halloween.

Medusa Headpieces

Turn heads and send shivers down spines with our stunning Medusa headpieces. With their serpentine allure and captivating gaze, these headpieces pay homage to the legendary Gorgon of Greek mythology. Transform into a creature of legend and captivate all who cross your path.

Witch Hats

No Halloween costume is complete without a classic witch hat with a whimsical twist! Our collection offers an array of witch hats, from the traditional and elegant to the dark and enchanting. Whether you're going for a classic witch look or a modern interpretation with monarch butterflies, our witch hats are the perfect finishing touch to your spooky ensemble.

At Masquerade Store, whether you're planning a Halloween party or trick-or-treating, our Halloween masks collection has you covered. 

Over 31,000 Rave Reviews!

I used this mask as a base to paint and add other decorations on top of it, and it worked perfectly! I decided to get rid of the ribbon tie-on for elastic measured to my head for a sturdier hold. It's a gorgeous base mask!


This fascinated is gorgeous! I wore it to the KY Derby and got many compliments. It was fastened very well and secure. The headband was also very comfortable that I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. I wore it all day want another excuse to wear it again!


This is by far the most amazing purchase I have ever made in my adult life. My friends and I jokingly said we will start a mask cult in 2021 and I jokingly bought this and now...I think it's gonna happen y'all.


Wonderful! Came super fast and fits my face! Can't wait to wear for this year's ren faire!


Beautiful! The color of the feathers and jewels is gorgeous. When I opened the box I thought the piece looked small, but it was perfect. I loved wearing it!.

Sarah W.

It’s a lovely mask and exactly what I wanted. The ribbons are a beautiful touch. This is really going to make my masquerade ball costume pop. Thanks! One more thing, this will work with my glasses!! Many masks I’ve tried won’t, but I can slide them through the holes in the mask easily. Or I also have another pair that work under the mask. Very glasses-friendly!!

Ed H.

I asked for a custom headpiece to be made for a burlesque show I was in. Lanai is very responsive, communicated clearly, and she had it created and shipped in perfect timing. It couldn't have been a better experience!


Love the aesthetic. Well built and feels sturdy. Can't wait to use it for Halloween


I asked for a fast order, they delivered!I decided to modify mine quite a bit with moss, I wear this hat for some rituals. I appreciate that its vegan friendly while still being representative of what I was wanting.


The Mask is really lovely. I asked quick shipping and it arrived on time. The ribbons were not tied and I think its because they wanted to ship out asap. The company sent me a personalized video showing how to secure the ribbon tied to the mask and it all turned out ok.


Loved the quality of this lace mask! Since it's not metal, like most laser cut masks seem to be, it felt very comfortable on my face! Thanks again...I got lots of compliments on it at our charity masquerade ball :)


This mask arrived just as pictured, and beautiful! It took some adjusting to be able to see out of well and it got stuffy in there, but it’s exactly what I needed.