Fascinator Hats

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Fascinator Hats for Women

Lovely Women’s Fascinator Hats

Fascinator hats for Women are fantastic headdresses to create a chic and elegant look. From picnic to parties, you can wear them anywhere and add magnificence to your outfit. Find your perfect fascinator hat showing your unique taste in fashion and make everyone awestruck – choose yours online here, right now!

Find your own unique style with our collection of fascinator hats for women. You can wear a simple black or tonal looking outfit and wear a larger fascinator headpiece to stand out. 

What Is the Fascinating History of The Fascinator Hats?

Back in the 15th-century, it was common among women to wear hats and veils to cover their heads and face. People considered wearing fascinator hats as a sign of luxury and royalty at that time. 

By the 18th-century, these both got fancier as designers started decorating them with feathers, ribbons, flowers, jewels, and many other adornments. Noteworthy, however, that still today, these are associated with high society, and other women wear them not as common as the ones from the royal families.

Fascinators are alternatives to hats and are smaller in size of the base, lightweight, and yet can handle a large decorative design on a small clip and hairband. Inspired by Pillbox style cocktail hats, Fascinator hats became popular in the 20th century, and Celebrity milliners Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy are known to have popularized the term and modern style of fascinators. Today they are worn from Sunday church to cocktail parties, tea parties, and derby events.  

Comfortable Fascinators Hats Women Can Wear Whole Day Long

We make these fascinator hats using the finest materials. Every hat in our collection features a clip-on and headband combination so you can adorn it to match your hairstyle. From simple fascinators featuring a flower or minimal feathers to head-turning statement hats featuring sinamay hats with ornaments, and embellishments, we create beautiful pieces of wearable art that tell stories or themes that are most personal and dear to you! A teacup fascinator for your tea party or a birdnest fascinator for a grand picnic, if you can imagine it, we can custom make it! 

From the bride to bridesmaid and mother of the bride, all the women near and dear to your heart on this special occasion will find something special! We offer a fine collection of birdcage veils and bespoke bridal hats for brides. Bridesmaids and mother of bride and inlaw can choose to go with similar looks or contrasting shades with our extensive range of fascinator hats. Rest assured, everyone is going to look unique in their own way. Browse our wedding hat and veil selection for more bridal ideas!  

Fancy Fascinator Hats for Women by Masquerade Store

At the Masquerade Store, we have a wide variety ranging from pillbox caps to peacock fascinators in numerous kinds and styles. If you’re attending this year’s Kentucky Derby, we have the most stunning and unique statement hats for you! You can choose customizations and get your order in 2 days with express shipping.