Black Masquerade Masks

Black Masquerade Masks

Welcome to our collection of Black Masquerade Masks for couples, where simplicity meets timeless elegance. Wear our masks for a touch of mystery and intrigue, drawing attention without overpowering your look.

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17 products


17 products

Celebrate the understated sophistication of black masks in a world where bright colors often dominate.

Discover Black Masquerade Masks

Welcome to our coveted collection of sophisticated black masquerade masks for couples and singles. Our artfully handcrafted Venetian-inspired black party masks capture refined luxury. Shop quality leather and metal masks perfect for complementing formal attire or black tie costumes.

Masquerade Masks Steeped in Elegance

From full-faced black masquerade styles to half masks, embrace the mystery of Venetian Carnival with an elevated black masquerade mask accent. Our exclusive black venetian masks nod to this rich history while offering modern luxury details like crystal accents and metallic sheens.

The Allure of Solid Black Venetian Masks

Make a subtly dramatic statement with all black masquerade masks for him and her. Devoid of embellishments, these classically colored unisex masks allow your gorgeous garb to take center stage. Discover leather and lace styles rated highly by customers for aesthetic versatility and durable comfort.

Black Masks for Couples

Our black masquerade party masks are crafted to complement your features and attire, making them a versatile and classic color choice for any outfit style and occasion, from black tuxedos for extravagant balls to simple black dresses for intimate soirées. When you choose a black masquerade mask from our collection, you're not just choosing a piece of exquisite craftsmanship; you're embracing a fashion statement that never goes out of style just as your charmingly classic attire.

Over 31,000 Rave Reviews!

The quality of the mask was perfect, and it looked just like it did in the pictures. I received many compliments on it when I wore it to the masquerade party. If you are going to a party and need a mask and are wearing eye makeup and lashes, THIS is the mask for YOU!!


Beautiful mask that was comfortable all night! The colors were perfect and I could still see through it so my peripheral vision was barely hindered. It was packed carefully and perfectly! I think I had the prettiest mask of all!


The seller was very quick to respond to my questions! I was a bit intimidated by the ordering process, but they made it so quick and easy! The mask is absolutely beautiful and extremely well-made. I can’t wait to wear it to my masquerade ball!


Lanai sent me several photos while creating the masks to ensure I was happy with the feather colors. She sent the masks so quickly and I received them within a few days of purchasing. Best of all, they are gorgeous!


This beautiful mask was a hit at the Masquerade murder mystery dinner party! Everyone loved it! Thank you so much for making this a hit especially for someone that wears glasses! I’ll be ordering again.


The masks were perfect and the quality was great! We received many complements!! We will keep the masks for many years as they are an investment and can be pulled out years in advance- that’s how good the quality was!!


This mask made my daughter's bat costume!! She loves it and the quality and turn around were exceptional! Thank you!


I heavily modified the mask to make it less bohemian and more dark with faux black leather cord and it worked great! My only problem is the comfort of the mask on your head could be a lot better as the hard plastic digs into your forehead and temples and could use more padding added.


Loved our masks! Even though they didn’t have the matching women’s mask, they suggested a beautiful replacement. We loved them for our masquerade and they were surprisingly comfortable! The quality is incredible. I would definitely order from the seller again.

Kinzey Freels

Love it!! Looked perfect with my outfit! Adding the rhinestones means adding more throughout the lace (I didn’t know this when choosing that option) and I’m so glad I got it with the stones. Beautiful and high quality product


Seller is very prompt at addressing questions and the quality of the mask is top notch. I bought this as part of my Halloween costume and won scariest costume at a costume contest!


Great mask! For my husband for New Years but my son likes it too hahah!

Jessica Maddox

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a black masquerade mask symbolize?

A black masquerade mask symbolizes elegance, luxury, and sophistication. The dark color gives off an air of refinement and mystery. Black masks are often worn at formal masquerade balls or upscale costume parties. They signify the wearer has an elevated, enigmatic presence.

What is the dress code for a black masquerade?

The dress code for a black masquerade is very formal. For women, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, tailored pantsuits, or long skirts paired with formal tops are appropriate. Men should wear black tie attire like tuxedos, suits, or dress pants with formal shirts and jackets. The black masks match seamlessly with dark, opulent outfit choices.

Why would someone wear a masquerade mask?

People wear masquerade masks for several reasons:

  • To embrace anonymity and mystery at costume parties or balls
  • As an elegant fashion accessory for formal events
  • For theatrical performances, like Mardi Gras or Venetian Carnival
  • To coordinate with a costume or elegant outfit

The history of masquerade masks traces back centuries and carries symbolic meaning related to hiding one's identity or social status. Black masks in particular evoke luxury and sophistication.