Women Feather Masquerade Masks

Women Feathered Masquerade Masks

Exceptionally Fine Feather Masquerade Mask

Women love to buy masks that are very decorative and appealing, and feathers are among some of the affordable decorative that can instantly fashion-up even the simplest looking masks. Below you will find assorted feather masks to enhance your masquerade costume.

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Showing 1-20 of 43 results

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Whether you wear small feathers on the side of the mask or an extravagant carnival-style feather mask, wearing feathers is an eye-catching head turner! So be bold and wear a beautiful feather mask. Feathered masquerade ball masks are fun to pair up with your costumes for masquerade balls and costume parties. Feathers adorning a mask adds a prettiness and elegance that compliments your look and attire.

Customized Feather Masks

You can choose any mask from a variety of masks and we can customize it with feathers! You can choose the colors to compliment or contrast your attire. Feather masks with accented and multi-tone feathers can also be crafted according to your dress.

Feathers Liven Up the Masquerade!

Make your mask come alive with exotic peacock feathers or ostrich plumes! Add character to your mask by customizing the feather decoration and enjoy a bit flare and Victorian glamour! Woo everyone with your sophisticated elegance. 

Soft and Supple Feather Masquerade Mask for Women

Our seasoned artisanship and quality material selection enable you to wear your mask for long hours and keep them even with glasses on. Only the most excellent quality natural and artificial feathers are used in your masks. 

Feather Masquerade Masks That Do It All!

whatever the occasion may be, from corporate balls to formal dances or even Halloween, you will find matching masks that will instantly give you a boost of glam. No matter what you wear, you cannot go wrong with our elegant feather masks. 

Feather Masquerade Mask from Masquerade Store

Masquerade Store offers a one-stop-shop to buy impressive and chic feather masquerade masks. We will process your order within 24-hours, and you will receive your order within a week with free standard shipping or shorter with our shipping upgrade options!