Steampunk Hats

Steampunk Hats

Steampunk costumes can be glammed up wearing a Victorian-style steampunk Top hat. Inspired by steampunk and victorian fashion from the 19th century, these Top hats are decorated with machinery gears and other objects. You can choose to buy one from our online collection or customize one matching to your taste with our free design consultation.

Dress like a steampunk from the victorian era and style pseudo-technological in a classy and stylish manner. These hats are adorned with clocks, chains, wheels, rings, nuts, bolts, and other mechanical items to make them look like belonging right from the industrial revolution. 

What is Steampunk Fashion?

Well, steampunk fashion includes and inspires from various periods of history. You can dress in a Steam-machine mechanic, soldier, explorer, lord, or aristocrat, to look like garbed in steampunk fashion. A Steampunk top hat is a must add on for your Steampunk costume!

How to Dress Like a Steampunk?

You can dress in steampunk styled attire by including wearables such as victorian era clothes,  overcoats, suits, dresses and adding accessories such as belts, cogs, wristbands, keys gloves, sprockets, goggles, hats, boots, and buckles. You can customize pretty much any part of your attire to get a steampunk look.

Steampunk Hats for Men and Steampunk Women’s Hats by Masquerade Store

You can instantly infuse the steampunk look to your outfit with our extensive range of steampunk Top hats. You can customize them and get a pseudo-technological geared or floral Victorian-style look! We can process your order in less than 24 hours and deliver your steampunk hat in 7 days. We also offer express shipping with a guaranteed delivery commitment.