Mens Steampunk Masks

Men’s Steampunk Masks

Whether you want to look like an explorer, adventurer, inventor, aviator, or some mad scientist, men’s steampunk masks will glam up your attire instantly. Our full variety of steampunk-inspired collection has ample men’s steampunk masquerade mask variants to suit your mechanical and technical sci-fi costume.

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Showing 13 results

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You may be wondering hard about all the possibilities to make your steampunk a hit among everyone. But we bet that you did not know that wearing only a correct men’s steampunk masquerade mask can be just enough to make you look the part! 

Steampunk Men Masks with Monocle, Goggles, and Hat

When you scroll through the vast universe of the internet, you will get confused that masks are just masks or more than that. Well, any steampunk men mask collection will ideally offer you a mix of a monocle, goggle, and hats along with masks. These all are made entirely in conventional steampunk style to turn your sci-fi dream into a reality.

A Wide Array of Materials for Original Look and Feel

Respirator Masks

Plastic frame with metal motif, elastic, paint, and pipes are used to make your steampunk men mask look genuine. These are usually half-face masks covering the bottom part from nose to chin.

Monocle Masks

Plastic frame with monocle lens and metal-colored ornaments like small gears and chains are used to make your pirate look monocle steampunk men mask.

Goggle Masks

The plastic frame covering half face is used as the base. Two lenses are attached with some embellishing and respirator to make your mask look creative.

Hat Masks

Hats are made with felt and plastic base and decorated with aviator goggles and small pieces of machinery. Some men also like to add ribbon and gems for a royal look.

All You Need Is a Mask to Dress in Steampunk Fashion

Men’s steampunk masks make you feel like you are still in the Victorian era. Gothic style is mixing with time traveling. The wild west is blending with the madness of scientists to come all the way to present. Discover your favorite adventurer, time traveler, detective, or steampunk masks and have fun dressing in steampunk style only with men’s steampunk masks by Masquerade Store.