Loose Feathers

Loose Feathers for Feather Mask

Eloquent Embellishment to Add Some Glamour!

Feathers are the great beautification choice to make a mask look lavish, elegant, and luxurious. Whether you want to decorate a mask or make a decorative ornament, adding some feathers will always suffice the purpose. Buy loose feathers to make your own feather masquerade mask and impress everyone.

Eloquent Embellishment to Add Some Glamour!

Whether your mask lost a couple of feathers in storage or you are a hobbyist that would like to add some of your taste to your masquerade or someone more of a fashionista who wants to glam up your mask, our collection of loose feathers will be of great help to you. 

Natural and Artificial Feathers

Natural Feathers – They are collected originally from birds, after worn and shed by them. You may see some imperfection and dissymmetry in natural feathers, but, they will not fail to mesmerize you any lesser.

Artificial Feathers – Made with plastic, our artificial feathers may also have some dye dots, but rest assured, our artisans finish them well to rather make the best use of all the faulty dots to add up the beauty to every piece.

Vast Range of Masquerade Feathers

You will be awed to see the unique designs and patterns in a variety of colors. We stock most feathers in black, white, silver, gray, and gold so they will match well with your costume theme, and you can quickly buy them. We make sure that your feathers are soft and delicate enough to keep the touch magical and not cause allergy even after using them for the whole day.

Loose Masquerade Feather Available to Buy

You will find our feathers light and fashionable enough, glamming up your entire masquerade mask costume. Beautify your mask with masquerade feathers colored in contrasting linings. 

Quality Masquerade Feathers by Masquerade Store

You can buy feathers of different sizes and chose our package listing to get good value for money. All the feathers at display here are ready to be processed immediately for delivery. Whether you want to prettify a mask, make ornaments, design jewelry, or embellish your costume, these feathers can be used multipurpose.