Handheld Sticks

Handheld Sticks

Handheld masks are popular among men and women! You can add a stick to your ribbon mask purchase and we will attach the stick to your mask. If you wish to purchase the stick alone, we will mail the stick along with felt pieces.  You can use some hot glue or epoxy to complete your DIY project. These sticks are easy to attach to masks. 

Whether you lost the stick of your current mask or want to add some additional elegance and ease of use, a mask stick handle can help you.

Holding Sticks for Masquerade Mask

Sometimes you may need to carry a party attire gracefully; if makeup and hairstyle are the focal points, a handheld mask is best for your ensemble. A masquerade mask with a handheld stick can help to make your costume a big hit!

Variety to Complement Your Attire!

if you find ribbons a hassle to tie and keep on, handheld sticks can do the trick for you! Available in wooden, metallic, and plastic materials, handheld sticks can be customized in assorted colors to match your masquerade mask’s look. 

Customize Any Mask to Match Your Taste!

You can choose to further decorate your handheld masquerade mask with laces, feather trims, glitters, gems, and many more small ornaments. Browse our many options for feathers and jewels to customize your stick mask! Or add feathers & gems to your stick purchase for your DIY project!

Quality Artisan Skills for A Finished Look!

The additional option to choose the decorative you want to add makes the handheld stick match impeccably with the look of your masquerade mask. 

More Than Just Wearing

When you get fed up of wearing the mask, you can make it a beautiful home décor item. Adding a handheld stick will help in hanging them on the walls or keeping in a vase. Sticks on masks are great for parties and wedding centrepieces as they can stand tall and visibly in a vase! 

Adorn Your Masquerade Mask with A Mask Stick Handle

Masquerade Store uses quality materials for your stick features such as tassel trimmings and shimmer and paints used. We process your orders within 24-hours, and your order reaches you in 5-7 days. You can always upgrade for a faster delivery method with express shipping.