Women Day of the Dead Masks

Women’s Day of The Dead Masks

The day of the dead skull masks come in colorful sugar skull with flowers, and the girl’s catrina mask design is the most popular masks among women and girls. You can wear a beautiful skull mask on this day to remember the memories of your dead friends and family members. Check out the lovely girl’s catrina mask designs we have in our store for you!

The three-day-long Dia de Muertos is an occasion to relive and celebrate the lives of those who’ve departed. Rather than grieving, women enjoy this day by wearing the day of the dead masks, remembering, and sharing stories about them.

How Do Women Remember the Dead?

Women wear a skull mask on the Day of the Dead and cook favorite dishes and meals of their departed loved ones. They also visit their graves and enjoy a picnic while exchanging fond stories. By gathering everyone and recollecting good memories, it is believed to make the soul of the individual who has passed on happy and more restful in the afterlife.

Women’s Day of The Dead Masks in Diverse Styles

We have an extensive range for women that will, no doubt, leave you in awe! This includes women's day of the dead masquerade masks, dia de los muertos female masks, women's festival masquerade, blue sugar skull with flowers, half-face catrina and so much more. 

Skilled artisans make these masks using a resin base and different colors. Red, blue, white, and black are some of the most common hues. Flowers are also added as decoration to the headpiece.

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