Covid19 Fabric Face Mask With Filter

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COVID-19 Face Masks

Summer has begun, and the temperature is rising. Still, wearing a mask for protection from coronavirus is necessary. People are looking for masks that can be comfortable to wear and safe as well. At Masquerade Store, we make available some of the coolest designed fabric face masks.

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Showing 1-20 of 73 results

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CDC has recommended the best fabric for the face mask!

We offer 100% Cotton, Silk, and Satin masks with 2 layers, 3 layers, pocket, nose wire, and filters! They suggest that everyone must wear a fabric face mask when going out in public and we offer high-quality fabric masks for the entire family completely customized in size and design. The exceptions are only for kids under two and people with prohibitive medical issues but we do offer toddler and kids masks as well.

How does the Virus Travel?

The coronavirus travels through bodily fluids in the form of small droplets. When we talk, sneeze, cough, or breathe, the small droplets from an infected person can often travel in the nose or mouth of a healthy person, causing COVID-19. The symptoms of this condition are not visible in many sick patients and so they may be ill but not aware and can spread the symptoms to other people around them.

Why are these masks good?

You can think about covering your face with a scarf or a bandana, but the reason why fabric face masks are recommended is that they can emulate the structure of medical-grade face mask options. Cotton cloth face masks are believed to be the best and affordable way within reach of people to stop the infected fluids from reaching to our mouth and nose.

Best quality fabric face masks for everyone by Masquerade Store

We have designed every mask very thoughtfully and practically so that it can easily fit men, women, and kids. The design is kept in a careful way so that it covers the nose but does not cause any wire pinches after wearing for long hours. There is curvature from nose to chin that makes it easy to breathe and talk. Every mask has two layers, at least with one layer of felt fabric in the middle. We make sure that every mask is soft to wear and easy to wash (by hand or in the machine).


With all of our fabric face masks online, we do not make any medical claims about the masks. All the masks are made by skilled dressmakers, who have as much as 50yrs of professional experience in sewing the custom cotton cloth wearables. We highly recommend following CDC guidelines to make sure the safety of you and your family.