Rave Accessories and Burning Man Masks

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Rave | Burning Party Masks

Express Yourself, Staying Disguised!

Dress to impress everyone at your next rave or burning man event. Rave masquerade masks are made in style, keeping in mind the functionality and comfortability so you can wear them for long hours. You can find everything exciting, including a bright neon, spiked Halo, a shiny sequined captain’s hat with holographic goggles to go with your whimsical unicorn or blazing hot looks. 

Express yourself staying disguised at festivals and parties with a wide range of masks available at Masquerade store suitable to wear with glasses too.

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Showing 1-20 of 25 results

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You will find the chic and stylish rave masquerade masks that are in line with modern trends and high quality for a relaxed fit. You can coordinate and commend the whole group with our custom and bulk range of similar masks available in plenty of similar designs. 

Why Rave Masquerade Masks and Burning Man Masks Are So Popular?

These masks gained popularity during the 16th Century Lent celebration while the wealthy wore them and fled into disguised attire wearing masks to do all they wanted to do. People loved to show their free self with these masks as they helped them to masquerade and hide their identity from the people they knew. 

They looked at these events as an escape from the social norms that they thought were narrow and not so liberal. In today’s society, though we may not be bound by those same old constraints, people yearn for even more radical self-expression. Rave parties and Burning man which started in the 1990s are extensions of that radical self-relianceand freedom of expression!

Are These Fancy Masquerade Masks Breathable?

At the masquerade store, we use soft padding in the interior side of the mask, so you feel comfortable on the nose, where it is going to exert the most weight. The kind of embellishment that you choose makes these masks heavier or lighter. 

A black satin ribbon from two sides helps you to wear it while disguising in your hair. Several gaps are kept in these masks to keep them breathable, so you do not feel suffocated or the need to remove it again and again during the event.  

Can Masquerade Store Deliver It Quickly to Me?

Yes! Masquerade Store can process your order within 24 hours. Please mention your need date during the check out so we can ensure the processing and delivery timeframe. During the busy season, we prioritize our workload based on need dates. We also offer overnight delivery options via FedEx and USPS. Aren’t these enough reasons to choose us for buying the best rave party masks and burning man masks? Order yours right now!