Black Plague Doctor Mask Steampunk Bird Mask

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Plague Doctor Costume Plague Staff bird mask
Black Plague Doctor Mask Steampunk Bird Mask
Plague Doctor Jackdaw Bird Beak Mask

- Mask has an adjustable head buckle and an ornate beak
- Ventilation rivet holes under the beak for easy breathing.
- Lightweight and comfortable to wear
- Optional LED lights
- Shaded plastic acrylic lenses for viewing available in a variety of colors!

**You can wear this Plague Doctor mask with Eye Glasses! The eye goggles of the mask are removable and can be swapped with your eyeglasses! 

- You have several Plague Hat options to choose from; Steampunk style top hat with clock watch or Traditional Plague Doctor Hat available in Men's style PU Leather or Floral veiled Felt Women's Style hat

- Plague Robe
- Gloves
- neck cloak made with High-quality PU Leather
- The plague doctor staff as depicted in the Paul Fürst engraving is topped by a winged hourglass which symbolizes Tempus Fugit, the passing nature of existence and of life.
- Shoulder Cape
- Leather Belt with Pouch
- Balaclava