Plague Doctor Costume Plague Staff bird mask

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Plague Doctor Costume Plague Staff bird mask
Plague Doctor Costume Plague Staff Plague Mask
Black Plague Doctor Mask Steampunk Bird Mask
Plague Doctor Jackdaw Bird Beak Mask

H I S T O R Y of Plague Doctor
The plague doctor attire was designed by Charles de Lorme, King of France's personal physician, as a protective suit in 1619, drawing inspiration from a soldier's full body armor but making it appropriate for medicinal purposes. The attire was put to use in Paris for the first time and, soon became widespread throughout Europe.
This popular plague doctor costume ensemble is based on an original engraving by Paul Fürst done in 1656 of the Der Doctor Schnabel von Rom or Doctor Beak of Rome. It shows this most unusual long robe attire worn by Plague Doctors who served as public servants at the time in any city willing to employ their services of assisting victims of the plague. They used plague masks with a beak is filled with aromatic substances used to fight miasmas or unpleasant smells floating in the air, which that the time was considered to be the cause of the disease. The staff in his hand was used to examine and prod patients from a certain distance and not touch with hands.