Mens Mythical Animal masks

Men’s Mythical Animal Masks

The twelve ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses are referred to as Olympian Gods. There were 12 such Gods and, according to historical texts, met on Mount Olympus to hold council. These Gods included some that were creature resembling half-human and half-animal!

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Men’s Mythical Animal Masks Perfect for Wearing to Any Ritual or Festival 

The dancing and storytelling in musical performance wearing men’s mythical creature animal masks are believed as one of the earliest known incidences of using these masks. These celebrations were associated with the worshiping of God Dionysus and were highly resembling the modern age theatre art performances. The worshippers believed that masks helped them in portraying their emotions more clear to tens of thousands of people attending the event.

Men’s Mythical Creature Animal Masks to dress like Ancient Gods

Our stunning variety of mythical creature animal masks for men is going to fascinate you. The buyers love to buy the two most popular mask types of

Minotaur: this half-man half bull head mask is among the most sought-after animal mythical creature masks. Our Minotaur masks come decorated with ram horns and covered in mythical lace fabrics or forest theme greenery. They are popular couples masquerade masks for parties and galas, as well as Halloween!

Faun (Greek Satyr): Another highly preferred mythical creature mask among men is a half-man and half-goat head mask. We decorate these masks with round horns and rustic colors such as bone, black, brown, and green color for giving a forest-like appearance. 

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Our skilled artisans use various materials and techniques to bring life to every Women’s and Men’s Mythical Animal Masks. For instance, the forest-themed mythical animal masks are made with faux leaves that are hand-painted with true to life vibrant greens as well as a real moss. The animal horns, antlers, and skulls are resin casted and hand-painted.

For any customizations related to adding extra beads and feathers, you can contact us. When you add the item to your cart, please mention your preferences, and we will connect back with you before processing your order.