Halloween Wedding masquerade masks

Wedding Masquerade Masks

Masquerade themed weddings are increasingly popular nowadays. As a host or a guest, you need to keep on mind the elegance and ambiance. Our extensive range of Venetian bride and groom masquerade masks are hand made by skilled artisans for a perfect fit. Buy single, set of 2 or bulk as you need for your wedding masks masquerade ball.

Wedding Day Bride and Groom Masquerade Masks

With Masquerade Store, you will experience that planning a masquerade party is quite simple. Consult with us for a recommendation of designs to fit your budget and party theme! We can offer you a large variety of matching and contrasting colored masks so your guests and you can enjoy disguising without looking all-alike!

When Did Weddings and Masquerade Masks Crossed Paths?

In 1393 the first masquerade wedding ball happened when a personal female assistant of the French Queen decided to wear bridal masquerade masks and desired all guests as well to do so. She did this with the intent to let all the royal guests mix with people of her standard without feeling high or low.

Ever since then, these masquerade balls started to be considered an affair only for royals and eminent. But in modern times, masquerade themed celebrations continue without any class or social barriers where everyone can host and attend a glamourous masquerade ball! 

Assorted Designs for Your Classic Themes!

Fun Type – For adding fun to your wedding, you can choose Carnival or Mardi Gras Theme, where people will enjoy dressing in fun colorful attire!

Elegant Type – To keep the environment a little sophisticated, you can plan a theme inspiring from the very famous Phantom of The Opera Masquerade ball scene where people dressed in formal attire while still keeping on the mask. 

Masquerades are Not Just Wearable but Decorations Too!

When planning a masquerade wedding, it will be fascinating to decorate the venue in the classic Venetian style ball — having some harlequin, Moretta or jester style on walls and Colombina style feather masks on sticks, fun Gatto and masculine Bauta styles as decorative table centerpiece will enhance the Venetian carnival or Mardi Gras theme and ambiance of the wedding scene. 

Purchase Your Wedding Masquerade Masks Online Only from Masquerade Store

Make your wedding look like a lavish event by adding the masquerade theme to it.  With our vast range of fun and elegant masks, make your wedding a one of a kind wedding night for everyone! Impress your soon-to-be significant half and surprise them with a magnificent bespoke mask!