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Best Fitting Mask

Are you heading to a party for the first time or after a long time? Our best-fitting face masks will help you resist the urge to remove the mask until the party ends. We know how it feels to have the feeling of being stuck or trapped, unable to move freely. And so, we design the best fitting masquerade mask that fits facial features comfortably.

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Showing 1-20 of 56 results

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Buy the best fitting masquerade mask online

We understand that often the mask that you may like the most, may not be a best-fitting mask but fit too tight or too loose on your face. Although all masks are made, keeping in mind the standard sizes, still here, we are displaying masks according to jaw widths in various ranges. So, you can pick a perfect and complementary mask for you!.

You can be amused to discover or hear from a lot of people how any mask they buy, fits almost perfect to them. 

Just like clothes and footwear, some people like a more comfortable fit, whereas some are just okay even with a little tight or loose. You may not know everything about choosing the right mask size unless you have bought it a couple of times. 

To buy the best fitting masquerade mask online, it is necessary to first understand what kind of jaw type you have. Whether your jaw width is small or wide or somewhere in the middle. For choosing the best fitting face mask, the shape of your face really plays an important role.

Things to know before selecting a best-fitting masquerade mask online are your jaw width, eye width, and any material allergies.

Since most masks are worn around eyes, it is necessary to understand whether you have broad eyes or narrow ones. Jaw width help in choosing the full face best fitting mask. The importance of material allergy is that if you are allergic to some material, it will be highly recommended to buy a mask with some gap instead of a best-fitting face mask so that your mask fits your facial features comfortably.

Quick summary to decide which mask will be the best fitting masquerade mask

  1. Buy a petite mask for a slim face with small eyes and cheek. (Pay attention to the nose bridge gap of the mask. If the gap is wide on the mask, it will not fit petite faces well and may cover your eyes partially. Smaller narrow nose bridge masks fit your petite face best.)
  2. Buy a standard mask for a regular face with small eyes but wide jaws (standard masks fit facial features almost comfortably for any adult)
  3. Buy a wide mask for a big face with wide eyes and jaws