Unicorn Masks

Unicorn Masks

The unicorn appeals to people of all ages and generations. Everyone likes to include them in their dressing and fashion, but kids are the ones that love to wear unicorn-themed clothes, headbands, masquerade masks, and other accessories. Shop for the best new-age unicorn mask from our online collection here!  

Unicorn is a fictional creature that symbolizes grace and purity. This could be one of the reasons why so many stories mention them. There are many mythological scripts even that show their meaningful existence. Well, whether imaginary or real, unicorns for sure have a certain charm that entices everyone.

Unicorn Masquerade with Pointed Head

While planning to wear a unicorn masquerade mask and costume, you have two options. Either you can buy a fully-finished, ready-to-use unicorn head mask. Or, purchase any mask that you like and add a unicorn pointed head later on, separately to it. When you buy any mask – it can be colorful, whereas the unicorn mask will come mostly in white or off-white colors only.

Customize Your Mask with A Unicorn Headpiece

Do you like a mask that is not unicorn masquerade-themed? Worry not! We can customize any mask by adding a unicorn headpiece to it. All you have to do is, to add the mask and the unicorn headpiece together in the cart. When you checkout, please mention in the checkout note that you want them as a single unicorn mask masquerade. And, our skilled artisans will take care of your preferences.

Unicorn Head Masks for Kids

Wearing a unicorn head mask shining with glitters and pointed head will thrill your kids. Pink colored decorations will make the mask more fascinating for your lovely young girl.

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Kids Unicorn Masks by Masquerade Store

At Masquerade Store, we use a lightweight felt base with shimmer for making yours and your kids’ unicorn masquerade masks. All the masks come with the matching colored ribbons for a comfortable fit. We process your orders in less than 24 hours so you can get your masks in less than a week.