Gatto Cat Masquerade Masks

Gatto Cat Masquerade Masks

Gatto Cat Masquerade Masks is a type of Venetian mask, also known as the Gnaga mask!  They make an excellent choice for your masked party ball to stand out in a unique style painted in vibrant colors with gold or silver foil. You will feel gleeful to select an Italian Gatto mask. Gatto is the Italian word for cat. 

And the Venetian Gatto Mask has a resemblance to cats with pointed ears, button nose, and narrow eyes. They come handpainted or encrusted with jewel pieces.

Beautiful and Rare - Venetian Masquerade Cat Mask

Gatto Cat Masquerade Masks will be a talking point to all with its well-balanced Venetian style and fashionable looks. These masks are suitable for both wearing and decorating. These Gatto masks can instantly glorify any venue with the Venetian and Italian feel with their mystifying designs and colors.

Fascinating History behind the popular Gatto Cat Masquerade Masks

Many stories show the first use of Gatto Cat Masquerade Masks. One of the very popular stories are:

Gatto Masks (or Gnaga Masks) were often worn by Men to resemble a woman. The Gnaga attire included a feline cat mask and female clothing traditionally.  Wearer frequently added a basket to their attire, which they used to carry under their arms and had some kittens inside it. A person dressing in a Gatto costume also used to make uttering acute sounds like a plebian courtesan to look like mocking the meows.

This story shows how and why Gatto Cat Masquerade Masks made their place among some of the most famous Venetian masks.

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