Dia De Muertos Masks

Dia De Los Muertos Masks

Among the traditions observed during The Day of The Dead, people wear Day of Dia de Los Muertos masks or The Dead skull masks (called calacas) and dance in honor of their dead relatives or friends. People across Mexico remember their dead relatives and friends by wearing Dia de Los Muertos masks. Shop for a 'day-of-the-dead couple’s masquerade mask' set and buy masks for children and adults!

Dia de Muertos is celebrated for three days between 31 October to 2 November. People remember their dead friends, families, and relatives during this time. Unlike Halloween (where the people think of unknown dead rising from their graves), this festival is about remembering the loved ones that are not with us anymore.

What Is Done to Remember the Dead?

Couples and children wear beautiful skull face masks when they visit the cemeteries of their departed loved ones. They cook the favorite dishes and also carry memorabilia to give away to the souls of the dead. People share stories and incidences from their life to make the dead ones feel valued even afterlife.

Dia De Los Muertos Skull Mask in Various Styles!

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Our skilled artisans use red, white, blue, and black colors for various design work. Flowers, veils, ribbons, and hats are also added to the masks for making them alluring and unique.

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