Bauta Masks

Bauta Masks

If you don’t want to reveal your identity and leave an aura of mystery around yourself, then our bauta masks are made just for you. These are typical Venetian masks that are one of the oldest designs reflecting the traditions and suits people with enigmatic personality. We offer beautifully decorated Venetian bauta masks for men with full face coverage.

Exude Confidence in Mysterious Bauta Mask

You can match any outfit or ensemble with this Bauta mask as we offer many colors including antique glazed hand-painted exclusive designs! 

The Bauta Masks for Your Next Venetian Carnival

Venetian bauta masks are perfect for those who want to interact with people beyond convention, identity, and social status. Our bauta masks offer full face coverage and leave you in complete anonymity. The unique rectangular shape of the Bauta mask not only helps disguise your face but your voice will also slightly change speaking through this mask. You will get masks made of high-end material with a standard hard base that perfectly fits your face.

If you want to gift it to your mysterious friends who are comfortable in their own space and happy not revealing much, then our bauta masks are perfect for them. Moreover, if you wish to add a little flair to it, then we have feather bauta masks and other inspirational designs for you to explore.

Buy Venetian Bauta Masks Online

Have you made up your mind to attend a Carnival? If yes, then do try out our bauta masks are yet another stylish and discreet masks that are just perfect for capturing the attention. Believe us, it is an excellent centerpiece for your costume and offers great value for money. Order it now, and we will process it in 24 hours so that you can get it as soon as possible.