LED Lights

LED Lights

You can instantly glow up your steampunk masks, rave party masks, and burning man masks with flashing LED lights, however not limited to just these kinds. Several kinds of masquerade masks can be lit up, putting on glowing LED lights. Choose LED lights from our extensive range at the online display below and enhance your mask!

Blinking Hard to Ignore!

Make your masquerade masks brighter and shinier by adding LED Lights to them. These LED lights come in a variety, with and without glowing patterns, which allows you to choose the way, you want to look at your masquerade ball.

Led Lights for a Variety of Masquerade Masks

LED lights can be imparted to any mask to enhance its features. Here are a few such costumes that will look even more dazzling with glowing LED lights.

Halloween – The spooky costume can be made even more ridiculing by highlighting awkward features with orange, red, and yellow LEDs.

Steampunk – Adding sci-fi effects with blue, red, and green LEDs make the steampunk masks more futuristic and real. 

Rave party & Burning Man – These two events specifically demands using LED adorned masks. The widespread usage of LEDs is in these party masks.

Mythical – Mythical creature can be made more fearsome by employing LEDs on the mask. Small LEDs can do this quite well. Using effects and patterns can also add some character to your mask.

Kid’s Fairy and Superhero Costumes – Children are going to love glowing lights shimmering all along on their masks and costumes.

Safe Led Masquerade Circuitry by Masquerade Store

Keeping your safety on the mind, the circuitry of these masks is wrapped carefully in plastic, so you do not get any shocks due to short circuit. Most work well with two batteries and a toggle switch to on/off the lights. For LEDs that do not have any effects, a circuitry isn’t even needed. 

Customize your LED Masquerade Masks

You can choose customizations among the various styles available and modify your mask. We offer 24-hour processing and free delivery within 7 days or paid express shipping options!