Mask Accessories

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Mask Accessories

Craft Masquerade Masks According to Your Taste!

You will find fancy mask accessories that will help you to decorate your mask from a previous party and give it a whole need look! Or simply add one of these accessories to your cart along with any of our masks to be paired together! 

Check out our face mask accessories here. We keep on adding more items frequently to our inventory. Don’t see what you want? You can suggest to us what decorative items you need for a customized order and you may even find it next time when you visit us here.

When you are a party person, the invitation for a masquerade ball or event can come at any time. People may look forward to getting amazed by your outfit, and so it becomes even more necessary to awestruck everyone at the party. 

Make Your Masquerade Mask Further glam-up Your Style!

To help you stand out and turn all heads, we offer fancy masquerade mask accessories. Whether you are redecorating an old mask or taking your crafting hobby further by decorating the mask or a fashionista who forges his or her own design niche, we won’t let you down!

Loose Feathers 

Feathers are the most primitive way to decorate masks, and yet their delicate and beautiful texture continually amuses and mesmerizes viewers to this day! Some of them bunched together in layers and pasted on a mask creates an attractive look and feel for pretty much any mask. 

LED Lights

You can accessorize your masks with beautiful illuminating LED lights. Whether it is steampunk or mythical or Halloween or princess masquerade costume, our LED lights can instantly glam your attire and make you shine differently.

Handheld Sticks

A stick can be glued on the side and held up the masquerade mask to the face. You can even purchase a stick separately from us to make your mask handheld. All you need is a stick from us and some hot glue and felt pieces! 

Get a Vibrant Look with Mask Accessories by Masquerade Store

You will find the quality accessories made with genuine materials. We can process your order within 24 hours and deliver it to you in less than one week.