Leo Zodiac Masquerade Lace Mask

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Great for birthday parties and gifts! Our Zodiac design Masquerade Lace Masks are soft comfortable and available in vibrant colors and comes with matching soft satin ribbons to tie. 

This is perfect for showing off your zodiac sign in rave concerts, rave events, New Year, birthday parties, Halloween, costume party, masquerade dance or masquerade ball parties!

To help you pick zodiac sign -
Capricorn- Dec 21-Jan 20
Aquarius- Jan 21-Feb 18
Pisces- Feb 19-March 20
Aries- Mar 21- April 20
Taurus- April 21-May 20
Gemini- May 21-June 20
Cancer- June 21- July 21
Leo- July 22 to Aug 22
Virgo- Aug 23-Sept 22
Libra- Sept 23- Oct 22
Scorpio- Oct 23- Nov 21
Sagittarius- Nov 22- Dec 20

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