Kentucky Derby Hats

Kentucky Derby Hats

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most stylish sporting events and along with the lovely horses, it is the ladies Hats that take center stage. This tradition has been maintained since the 1960s. And whether you are throwing a Derby Party at home or attending the event in person, you will want to be adorned by a beautiful fascinator hat to mark the occasion and stand out! Shop from the best Kentucky derby hats online and turns all head around towards you while attending your next Kentucky derby.

Apart from fashion, there is one more reason to wear fancy Kentucky derby hats. The tradition of wearing fascinator hats at the derby games is considered a good luck charm for the race attendees! Also, it is during Kentucky derby events that you get a chance to wear such a fancy hat.

What Is a Kentucky Derby?

Kentucky Derby is the national Horse race from Louisville, Kentucky. It is one of the most prestigious and famous horse races of all time. These races started in 1875. And since then, running on every year. People from all over the world attend them.

History of the Kentucky Derby!

Founder Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr. was exploring the lands of England and France during 1872, and it was then he attended Horse Racings. He was so mesmerized with such an event that he decided to start something like this in America too!

How the Fancy Kentucky Derby Hats Became So Imperative?

When he inaugurated first Kentucky Derby, he wanted both men and women to attend it. To make it possible, he invited females of all kinds of royal families around America. Women used to wear full morning dresses and hats with them, and ever since then, the big Kentucky derby hats became popular and mainstream for wearing formal wear in such events.

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