Birdcage Veils

Birdcage Veils

Birdcage veils in whites, creams, and ivory are a great accessory that any vintage-loving bride would love to wear on her big wedding day. Wearing black and colored birdcage veil fascinators are also popular for cocktail parties! You can choose your favorite birdcage veil online among the different styles available here.

The traditional kinds of popular long veils are soon getting replaced by birdcage veils. The classic look and modern feel while wearing them are one of the reasons why they are gaining so much popularity. Evolving from the pillboxes and hair discs with merry widow netting, birdcage veils are now available in all kinds of modern and unusual designs.

Is There A Difference Among Veils with Different Names?

Birdcage veils are known by different names like a blusher veil, Venetian veil, angle veil, bandeau veil, and many more. These kinds of birdcage veils have many variations from each other. Although all of them have netting or tulle, the way of cutting and construction affects the changes of the look. We all add rhinestones throughout the veil for added sparkle! 

How to Choose the Correct Veil Matching to Your Look?

All the veils come in different styles, designs, and patterns. Combining them with a fascinator or comb can glam up the entire ensemble of any bride. To choose a suitable veil, you need to think about your hairstyle, dress, and face shape. Depending upon them, you can select the one that will suit you best.

Online Birdcage Veils by Masquerade Store

At masquerade store, a vast range of superior quality handmade veils are available as headpieces as well as masks covering the eyes. Skilled Venetian artisans make your mask, veil and hat embossing finesse detailing in each of the pieces.