Mask Maker / Packaging Assistant

Our ideal candidate has experience working in a fast pace environment, meeting deadlines, and is able to focus and multitask. He/she must be willing to do job duties which include craftwork related to masks such as painting and working with embellishing masks as well as packaging finished products. If you are someone who is confident, able to multitask, while being able to maintain a positive attitude at all times and work well on a team, this job may be suitable for you. Our ideal candidate is able to work part-time for 2 – 4 days a week.

Starting Wages at CA state minimum rate. Raises are dependent on performance and efficiency, not time. The quicker you learn and become efficient at your tasks, the quicker you will see your raises.

This job is NOT a good fit if…

You have any physical ailments or discomforts or are sensitive to smells

You are not comfortable handling bulky items, boxes, carrying mailbags, multitasking and working with paints, feathers, rhinestones.

Work Tasks Include:

Help with making and packaging masks

Help with painting masks

Help with rhinestone work

Clean, disinfect, and maintain workspace.

Sanitize, sweep, and mop workspace.

(This job is labor-intensive. You will be lifting boxes)

Customer Service

Answer basic questions asked by customers

Print shipping labels for processing

check and confirm shipping label info

inventory/material check for reorder


If this position is one that you are interested in please email your response to [email protected]

Please be sure to provide the following information in your response:



Date of birth:


Phone number:

All days of availability:

Method of transportation:

After reviewing your response, we may contact you to set up a meeting to further assess your suitability for the position and answer any questions you may have for us. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working together in the near future.