Black Plague Doctor Mask Steampunk Bird Mask

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- Black Plague Doctor Mask is made with high-quality PU Leather. Also in other colors!

- Shaded plastic acrylic lenses for viewing available in a variety of colors! You can wear this mask with Eye Glasses! The eye goggles of the mask are removable and can be swapped with your eyeglasses! 

- Great for a mouth guard mask 

- Made with high-quality PU Leather Adjustable buckle, ornate beak

- Ventilation rivet holes under the beak for easy breathing

- Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Ventilation rivet holes under the beak for easy breathing.

- The Head belt is adjustable and versatile for adults and teens of different sizes.

- A fun way to keep your social distancing while you are out for groceries or other essential needs!

- Great for Birthday parties, photoshoots, Pandemic Wedding shoots, Halloween, and more!

- Mask comes with the option to add LED lights

- Complete your outfit with Plague Doctor Hat as well! You have several Plague Hat options to choose from! Choose either a Steampunk style top hat with clock watch or Traditional Plague Doctor Hat available in Men's style PU Leather or Floral veiled Felt Women's Style hat




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