Hello and welcome to Masquerade Store! At our core, we have always been passionate about Masquerade & Venetian masks. There’s something special about how such a wearable piece of art can uplift the spirit — not only your own but anyone you interact with, too. Obsessed with feathers, rhinestones, and paints, we have spent countless hours experimenting with different mediums to create new designs and improve existing traditional styles. Founded in 2014,and with our collective industry experience, the team at Masquerade Store help countless people find the right mask. We have also grown our product line and delved into research and development for our designs. After all, your mask is a conversation starter and allows you to express yourself! What’s more, we have even expanded the brand to include fascinators, costume apparel, Cosplay headdresses, and bridal headwear. We aim to help you bring your masquerade mask visions to life and express yourself through your mask!  



As a priority, we use high-quality materials and pay much attention to detail. We will custom color match your attire to our masks, finding the perfect fit for your event. If you wish for a custom order, we will work closely with you and share images for your approval before mailing them to you. All our customers receive close attention to ensure you are happy with your purchase. For all of us at Masquerade Store, it’s more than simply purchasing a mask. We want you to have a memorable experience from the time you shop with us right up to your event. We test all our masks on different face shapes. After all, comfort and fit are key, and we guarantee this. When you’re shopping with us, we make recommendations based on our findings. Learn more about our products and other factors to consider when purchasing a mask in our blog.




We offer a range of services: * Custom-made individual masks * Consultations for wedding masquerade masks * Masks for corporate events (bulk orders) * Outfit consultations If you’re looking for an elegant mask, has a classic Venetian design, is playful and fun, you’ve come to the right place! We also customize most designs, and for high-quality products, our pricing will not tax your wallet.



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